Arkansas Ghost Story

Arkansas Ghost StoryI have so many stories I don’t know where to begin. One of the most fascinating, in my opinion, happened in Scotland, TX, when my son, Jacob, was five and my daughter Josi, was three.

They shared a room and, as with all three and five year olds, they could mess it up pretty good. I put them down for a nap in my room so I could clean theirs. First, I had to finish the dishes. I was at the kitchen sink when I heard a toy watch that we had gotten from McDonald’s go off. It was Chucky, from Rugrats, saying (ironically) “You’re not too brave!” over and over. Their room was pretty trashed so I figured the watch had fallen and was pressed against something. I searched and searched. Couldn’t find it. I waited in the room for a minute hoping it would go off again leading me to it. Nothing.

I went back to dishes and within seconds I heard it again. “You’re not too brave!”, it yelled at me several times. Again, I searched and searched… nothing. This happened a couple more times. The last time I went to look I immediately found it hanging on the doorknob.

Coincidence? Maybe.

I left it since it was not jammed on something making it go off and it didn’t happen again. I went back to doing the dishes and within a few seconds heard Jacob’s toy laptop computer go into its introduction; something like “Welcome to (whatever brand it was)! Please choose a game!”. I started thinking something else was happening.

Again, we are no strangers to the paranormal. I listened to it a few times before I went and shut it off. It could either be turned off by a button or by closing it. I used the button… I was curious.

The game introduced itself a few more times and every time I would turn it off by the button. It was almost a “game” between me and the computer. Then after the last introduction it chose a spelling game. “Please spell (whatever word-I don’t remember)”. The response was “G-R-N-T”. “I’m sorry, that is incorrect. Please try again.” “F-U-R-H”. I shut down the computer by closing it and nervously walked out.

A few minutes later my daughter woke up telling my about a black shadow man tickling her from under her pillow named Grant. I thought I was going to faint. I knew that burning the computer in the burn pile was bad for the environment and wouldn’t get rid of the spirit, but the burn pile is where it went.